The Procession

by Footings

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released September 25, 2012

all songs written, arranged, and performed by Eric Gagne

The Procession was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ben Rogers at Loud Sun. Ben also plays some organ and claps his hands.

The cover art is a print by Sarah Pupo called The Procession.



all rights reserved


Footings Peterborough, New Hampshire

Eric also plays in Death to Tyrants, Redwing Blackbird, & Dweller on the Threshold

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Track Name: O Stranger
O if I've been a stranger, forgive me
it's a river of a road I been on
and the stars seem so disconnected
from the island that I call home.

Often I've been lonely
with the weight strapped to my bones
up ahead I can see myself resting
but now I'm wicked and restless.

The water is high in the valley
and the mountains are dense and unclimbed
there's a wind that tears through the city
and a silence that fills every night.

And I can't seem to feel my own feelings
and love is a blistering sun
it takes all that I have just to keep up
to keep up with no one.
Track Name: Dream Song
I can see everything
the watchband the battery
the gears and machinery
the song you are making up

the plane as it's taking off
the pictures in pockets
the thrusters and rockets
the heartbeats that are quickening.

The nails in the rafters
the pulling and strengthening
the arc of the hammering
the forester counting rings

and all of it is singing
every action
every reaction
is just adding a voice.

The moon the conductor
summoning waves
the thundering drummers
the first responders

the surfers can hear it
and bring it ashore
in stories on stereos
seaglass on windowsills.

The birds are all saying it
over and endlessly
the wind in the trees
shows us every secret

and baby you're entering
the wild and the wonderful
the stark and ineffable
but first and foremost you're alive.
Track Name: The Light
When you look into the sky
and the light is just right
that is quite a movement
quite a shifting of the tides.

It's eleven into quarters
it's a backward flowing river
it's the shortest drive from far away
and it starts right as it's over
and if we can get this boom cleared
then we just might be alright.

When everything's in order
and you're approaching the border
there's an ambush, a surprise
and before you know it you're alone again
and if you can get this room clear
then I just might be alright.
Track Name: Will Someone
Will someone give me shelter when the roofs are blowing off
in a wind of my own making, the cold that I've supplied,
well I'm dangerously close to all the love I've tried to touch
the tenderness of psychosis
staring into the leafy canopy, letting light distinguish cannibals.

And how much closer should I get before you'll let me listen
and would you put me out, if I was burning up
if the fire let you see that you're the cutting room to me.

And I'm sure that you believe that you're aware of what you mean
when you say that you don't feel anything

I'll tell you that you'll survive every set of empty eyes
that are staring at your face making as if to say:

Will someone give me shelter when the roofs are blowing off.
Track Name: Five Little Deer
We saw five little deer by the side of the road
and I stopped the car to meet them.
Their eyes looked like lights reaching out into the night.
Goodnight my deer, goodnight.

At the top of the dam my younger self beamed,
so free of material responsibility.
The bulldozer slept when she said goodnight.
Goodnight my dear, goodnight.

If you ever ask me to sing
I'll sing out with all of my heart
Cause there's nothing like singing, to bring out my love
Especially when we're apart.

Rest here a moment, there's a question I have
about this tangible electricity:
How is it that when I'm here with you
it's alright, my dear, it's alright.

The bulldozer slept when we said goodnight,
Goodnight my dear, goodnight.
Track Name: A Song You Haven't Heard
Ooh I want you, yes I have you here, and I have you now.
It's the future every minute until, until it's past,
it's both still, still and fast.

And time is just a word
a song you haven't heard.

Ooh I want you, yes I have you here, and I have you now.
I was smoking driving down these roads, dreaming of now,
dreaming when, dreaming how.

And time is just a word
a song you haven't heard.
Track Name: The Emptying Brook
The emptying brook becomes an artery quickly emptied,
and that longstanding heart has stood still, the only true tragedy
is that it just stopped; and your pilgrims are crashing their jets
into valleys, and your buildings are tumbling down
against the aging mountainside.
Where cognizance is not a healthy nightmare,
and my faculties are striking, and deliberate.

My love is a quiet miracle of corpuscles,
and the wearing of your bones is all that I will take for your troubles.
And your lover is moving to the floor, and your guitar doesn't sing anymore, and your hopes and your prayers all go up in flames
when you realize that it's all the same.
You're on the edge of your bed,
your devils and your angels are all safely dead.
Track Name: On and On
Long may you run
in the night, or in the sun
until into the clearing you have gone
on and on.

Hold your camera tight
aim it steady into the light
facing all that you have done
on and on.

Keep your head up
and don't you ever ever stop
loving all that you have done
on and on.