by Footings

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50 recorded and mixed by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air
Mastered by Ben Rogers at Loud Sun
Artwork by Polina Soloveichik

available on cassette from Sophomore Lounge Records & Tapes

all songs written, arranged, and performed by Eric Gagne


released April 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Footings Peterborough, New Hampshire

Eric also plays in Death to Tyrants, Redwing Blackbird, & Dweller on the Threshold

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Track Name: Destroy Myself
What would you do if i wasn't there?
Who would you know if i didn't appear?
Would you fall asleep alone with the tv on?
Or would you always stay awake until the break of dawn?

The longest night is over now
The brightest days are always loud
No matter if you're blue or red
I know that you will never be dead.

Spent all this time with my head in the clouds
waiting for you before you went out.
Well I want to say it straight before I go away
that it's all that I can take, no matter what you say

Cause I will not destroy myself.
That just doesn't seem worthwhile.
Cause only once does lightning strike
and it's been hitting the earth all my life.
I will not destroy myself,
that just doesn't seem worthwhile.
Track Name: Luxembourg
Well the Luxembourg ladies have all gone to sleep
and the sun it commences to rising.
And the girls on the train have appointments to keep
and the young men are smoking and sighing.

And the train leaves the station
you're sleeping between cars
nothing to say

And the train leaves the station
your head on your rucksack
racing away

And the rooftops in town look like fall-colored leaves
and the road leading down there is winding.
The sea at your feet makes the beer go down smooth
and the sand in your shoes is reminding

You that you're leaving
just here for awhile
fading away.

And the train leaves the station
you're not coming back
never to this place again.
Track Name: Lay it Down
I can't feel the pain, but I know that it's there all the same.
When will you learn fire's not the only thing that burns.

There's love in your heart (love inside your heart, it's part)
There's love and that's somewhere you can start.
That noise is just the past (noise is just the past at last)
Trying to block that which will last.

Lay it down, lay it down on me.
Lay it down on me.

You know you can't pretend (you know you can't pretend it ends)
that everything we've built up will end.
But these monuments (but these monuments aren't sent)
don't stop when you come to a fence.

Lay it down, lay it down on me.
Lay it down on me.

We all go on and on (all go on and on and on)
Everyone you've lost isn't gone.
We're electricity (electricity aren't we)
What did you think we would be?
Track Name: Blow Wind Blow
I can see you shoving off
I don't remember teaching those knots
Like Luke maybe you'll wake to find yourself one night
In the dark sea beneath a volcano blooming bright.

It's the season, I can feel it, for wandering
You're just getting your elbows, just getting your knees
Like Luke you'll pass Gibraltar on your way to Morocco
If you see pirates, just remember to sing it: Blow Wind Blow
Track Name: April
April don't come and she never will
she's taking her time and she's taking pills
it's the loneliness that she just can't bear
because falling in love is exactly like falling down stairs
you'll know when you're there.

A cardinal alights on a maple tree
and I cannot help thinking it came for me
it's crazy thinking that everyone
has their own redbird, I cannot be the only one
standing in the sun.

Ultimately that's the better way
cause all of the things that you think and say
build towers that reach up into the sky
part sunlight part starlight part galaxy, all by and by;
all by and by.
Track Name: Beech Trees
What I want is what I have
not when I was in the past
Keep it here, keep it now
don't want to bend, don't want to bow
What I did was tell you girl
it isn't right, it's just my world

And the beech trees are the last
the last to lose their leaves but when they do
it happens fast.

It's brittle and unbound
my guards are all let down
and the birds don't make a sound.

Everyone that I knew
it wasn't me, it wasn't you
Alien in their speech
in their eyes and in their reach
We've gotta run, gotta move
so much to gain, nothing to lose.

And the beech trees are the last
the last to lose their leaves but when they do
it happens fast.

This night has such a glow
the moonlight on the snow
on the shoulders of the crow

The last night we're alive
if we can go for a drive
perhaps it just won't arrive.
Track Name: The Highline
I walked the Highline in a miserable heat
wearing shoes that were one size too small for my feet
I think it's Manhattan, it threads through the city.

Lay in the Mediterranean in my clothes
a week or two earlier and I might have froze
it's nice in the springtime, with bottles of beer.

Slept under the el if only for a night
after drinking and playing at the Fireside
a crowded apartment, south side of Chicago.

Bought some weed in Jamaica right out the loo
asked him how did he spot me, "the beard and tattoo"
I won't bring it down there, just get it in the airport.

I had a schoolbus and drove it into the ground
it blew up in St. Louis you should have heard the sound
we were tired of fighting, and now we are friends again.

Disposable cameras are what Mark prefers
turned around for balloons it really was absurd
and all I can do dear, is sing from the heart
darling these stories are just a start.